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American Income Life

American Income Life

AIL has serviced more than 2 million working families. It specializes in supplemental insurance benefits. Choice One Community Credit Union has partnered with AIL to offer our members a variety of insurance options.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

  • No cost to members.
  • Individual certificates of coverage are issued to members.

Health Services Discount Plan

  • Receive discounts at point of service locations for vision, hearing, prescription drugs and chiropractic.
  • On average, members get up to a 30% discount per prescription and up to a 60% discount on vision, hearing aids and chiropractic.
  • Just show a card to take advantage of the discounts.

Child Safe Kit

  • Parents gather vital information to give to the authorities if their child goes missing.

Family Information Guide

  • Put all of your family’s important information like beneficiaries, professional contacts, health records and estate data in one place.

Freedom of Choice – Final Expense Plan

  • Covers immediate financial needs that arise when a loved one passes away.
  • Families can choose the funeral home, location and type of funeral.

Term Insurance

  • Takes care of temporary needs.
  • The beneficiary can receive a lump sum payment or the benefits over several years when the insured passes away.

Accident Policy

  • Provides benefits for accidental death and dismemberment, hospital confinement and intensive care treatment if caused by an accident.
  • Pays a benefit if the insured is treated in the emergency room within 72 hours of the accidental injury.

Hospital Indemnity

  • If the member is in the hospital because of an illness or accident, a fixed benefit is provided.

Cancer Protection

  • When the insured is diagnosed with cancer, this protection gives coverage for treatment of cancer or a single sum benefit.

Terminal Illness Rider

  • Can be added to a life insurance policy at no cost to the insured.
  • When the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has a life. expectancy of less than 12 months, the Accelerated Benefit pays 50% of the coverage face amount.
  • The policy premiums stay the same after the payment of the Accelerated Benefit to the insured.
  • The beneficiary receives the remainder of the policy proceeds when the insured passes away.

These descriptions are summaries and provide very brief descriptions. They are not an insurance contract. Product availability varies by state and province and some products are not available in all areas. Complete details of the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions of specific policies and availability should be obtained from Choice One Community Credit Union or American Income Life.

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