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Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance

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Your home is your most valuable asset and Choice One can help when you’re considering refinancing your mortgage. Perhaps you’re looking to lower your interest rate and pay off your loan faster or get cash from your home’s equity. Whatever your goal, mortgage refinancing may be the perfect solution.

Want to speak to a Choice One mortgage lender about the best loan for your needs? Call or visit any Choice One branch location.

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Benefits of Choice One Mortgage Refinancing

  • A lower interest rate can help reduce your monthly payment.
  • A rate reduction can save you interest over the life of your loan.
  • Refinance to a lower term to pay off your mortgage sooner.
  • Consolidate higher interest debt.
  • Switch from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) to a fixed rate mortgage loan.
  • Draw on the equity built in your home and get cash out.

Home Mortgage Rates from $50,000 to $510,400

Effective Date 04/06/2020
Rates Shown Include 0.25% Promo Discount and are Subject to Change
Interest Rate APR* Info and/or Terms
As low as 3.125% As low as 3.162%* 30 Yr Fixed - 0 Points
As low as 3.000% As low as 3.051%* 20 Yr Fixed - 0 Points
As low as 2.875% As low as 2.941%* 15 Yr Fixed - 0 Points
As low as 2.750% As low as 2.846%* 10 Yr Fixed - 0 Points
As low as 4.625% As low as 3.595%* 3/1 Yr ARM - 0 Points
As low as 5.000% As low as 4.193%* 5/1 Yr ARM - 3.125 Points
As low as 5.250% As low as 4.548%* 7/1 Yr ARM - 3.250 Points
As low as 5.250% As low as 4.775%* 10/1 Yr ARM - 2.375 Points

Home Mortgage Rates Greater than $510,400

APR* Info and/or Terms
Effective Date 04/02/2020
Rates Subject to Change
Call For Rates 30 Yr Fixed
Call for Rates 15 Yr Fixed
Call for Rates 3/1 Yr ARM
Call for Rates 5/1 Yr ARM

FHA/VA Loan Rates

Effective Date 04/06/2020
Rates Subject to Change
Interest Rate APR* Info and/or Terms
As low as 5.125% As low as 6.528%* 30 Yr Fixed - 3.125 Points
As low as 4.000% As low as 5.897%* 15 Yr Fixed - 4.000 Points
As low as 5.125% As low as 5.166%* 203K 30 Yr - 4.250 Points

Mortgage Calculator

Want to get an idea of what your mortgage will cost? We have a calculator that can help you find out! Enter your information and get approximate payments on your mortgage. You can compare different loan terms, interest rates, and products that we have. We even offer an estimate on your closing costs! Check it out here!

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You can depend on your credit union’s experience to guide you step-by-step through the entire mortgage process. Stop by the credit union to get started or you can apply online. Have questions about refinancing? Call or visit a branch location today.  We’ll get you started on a home refinance plan to help meet your goals!

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*Check with your tax advisor. Mortgage tax-deductible interest eligibility depends on your specific tax situation. Most members qualify.

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