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24 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend on the Cheap

24 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend on the Cheap

There’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying a fun weekend with friends or family filled with activities that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are 24 ways to enjoy your weekend on the cheap.

  1. Enjoy the fresh air with a walk or a hike. Walk around a local lake and feed the ducks while they are still around. Go on a hike and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you. Activities like these will benefit your health as well as your wallet.
  2. Take a bike ride. When was the last time you rode a bike? For most of us, it’s probably been many years. If you don’t have a bike, borrow one from a friend, or rent one. Many cities and towns have bike share programs or shops that provide bike rentals. It’s a great way to explore nature trails or just pedal around town.
  3. Go camping for the entire weekend. Your kids will love you for it. You can camp for free in many state forests. Research the free options near you or camp out in your own backyard!
  4. Go on a picnic. If the weather is cooperating, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good old-fashioned picnic in the park. You probably have much of what you need to prepare a picnic feast in your own pantry and fridge. Bring along a frisbee, a soccer ball, and some other outdoor games and enjoy the day. If you’re by a lake, you may be able to rent a kayak. Watch the sunset and then start looking for the lightning bugs to light up the night sky.
  5. Read a good book. How often do you have time to immerse yourself in a book? Find a comfortable spot and read to your heart’s content.
  6. Search for a local art walk. Many towns have weekly and monthly art walks where you can meet various artists and see their works. Check out local entertainment guides and the visitor’s bureau for information on upcoming art walks.
  7. Hit up local garage sales and flea markets. Check your local listings and head out for a day of bargain hunting. You may find some beautiful items at incredible prices.
  8. Head to the local farmer’s market. Just like a flea market, a farmer’s market can get you some great deals on the freshest produce and even baked goods. Best of all, you will be supporting your local farmers.
  9. Attend a free poetry or excerpt reading by an author at your local bookstore or library. Check your local bookstore and library for upcoming readings. If you are a book lover, it’s an experience you are sure to enjoy.
  10. Host a game night or just spend the day playing cards, board games, and putting together puzzles with friends. Bring out old favorites like Monopoly and Yahtzee and add in some newer games you’d like to try.
  11. Gather your friends for a road rally/scavenger hunt or just take a long scenic ride with someone you love.
  12. Host a bring your own snacks campfire in the backyard and encourage your neighbors to come over to join you.
  13. Spend the day at a local museum or zoo. You can probably find discount days If you check their websites.
  14. Spend the weekend cooking. Plan, shop for, and prepare a new meal that you’ve never tried together with your family. Bake a pie or another delicious dessert, and then enjoy all of the tasty goodness.
  15. Volunteering your time can be a feel-great way to spend your weekend. Organizations such as local soup kitchens and animal shelters are always looking for help and it’s such a productive way to spend your free time.
  16. Go fishing. Grab your poles and some snacks and enjoy a day near the water.
  17. Head to the nearest beach and be sure to bring your sunscreen.
  18. If the weather is not conducive to outdoor adventure, host your own movie night for family or friends. Watch all of your favorites and feast on popcorn.
  19. Brighten someone else’s day. Lend a helping hand to someone who needs it or visit someone who may be lonely. Spend the day helping your aunt weed her flower bed, drop cookies off at your local fire station, or help a neighbor in need. You’ll feel great lifting someone else.
  20. Organize your photos into an album. While we are living in a digital world, we all still have tons of photos laying around. This weekend is a great time for organizing them.
  21. Go on a self-guided walking tour. Check out the sights in your area with your own walking map. Take family and friends along to enjoy the day and be sure to stop for ice cream along the way.
  22. Teach yourself to meditate. It’s easy to learn and calming.
  23. Start a workout regimen. There’s no time like the present to begin focusing on your health.
  24. Spend the day with your pet. After all, your pet is your best friend. Take your pup on a hike, to the local dog park, or for a swim in a lake.

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